Wednesday, May 18, 2016

To Be Musical - A basic Understanding and Pre-Requisition.

No one is by birth rock star.. this for all beginners and day dreamers ( who always a beginner) :) and also its like examination revision for me to recall what and all I knew tiill day, and basic understanding about music.
Music is nothing but a language which also express your expression in sound ,has its own way in certain fashion with laya and raaga, alphbets of music are sound waves not text ,denoted by swara given text form to record/write it easy, by appropriate text which can represent particular sound frequency like as it suppose to , Sa ri ga ma pa dha ni .
Or Do re mi fa so la ti .
(Can google for history of this evolution of different form of notation systems )
Ok here the things , which looks like iron laddus of every beginner of music. So sweet !! but hard to break it ? Not at all :) 
Pitch , range, scale, beat, tempo, rhythm .
And Composition.
finally added flavor of dynamics will make it a complete song ready rock n enjoy (y)
Pitch : nothing but sound which falls in to one of the note denoted by system of music u learning , ur ability how fine u can identify note is helps you to find pitch. Then Tune ur tone/voice to particular pitch (sound).
Range: the pitch you start is called root note which is repeated in next 12 position of sound (notes are divided between beginning note to ending note with particular frequency but tht science is not required here, google for tht calculation) ,this set is one octave , so how many octave u can sound flawless lower and higher is ur range for vocalist, Musical instrumentals can be tuned according if solo also instruments plyd in particular range according to composition.
Scale: arrangements of notes in particular fashion, which gives variety feel in listen and which actually turns sound speech in to music. Musical Journey gets a vision here.
Beat : its a note which use to create rhythm u can consider it nothing but a tap .
Rhythm: the structure of timely fashion which created using several beats. Which bounds your musical notes in to a fashion n render it .
Tempo: pace of music how fast a rhythm to be played is denoted by tempo.
Here our music gets a basic shape .
music get start here, actually..
Each basic lesson is a composition n important ..
While learning this compositions we learn to understand value of notes to be played time duration different formation way of rendition while going advance we learn dynamics styles.
apart from all this physics , next level we need to add color of feel divine love and all navarasa thts the real music.
When things made simple easy to learn ..
Without knowing alphabets we can speak, but by knowing alphabets we can memorize it easy.
By understanding grammar we can phrase it nicely.
Even we can replicate some of sounds as it is unknowingly we will be happy, but once you knew the proper way to present u feel blissful. (own experience, since I started trial n error , still I doing it )
Difference in Rendering music is like speaking a language..
By observing, learning , studying, or in depth of knowledge with grammar and all
It depends on one's interest n ability ..
Figurout what u can be, jst do it ..
I feel the word " difference" make ppl feel bad i would like to mean it by word variety..
Example : you can speak new language , by listening others, or learning by text or by studying it with grammar or jst how much u wanna speak for tht moment .
But original structure of every language ll be the core of the language the complete package, thts classical music..
Some more to right about it ,what all I research understood by experience n mistakes . which may help up comers to find their own status like me. Still am under research not enough contented too.
only thing I can say we may simplify the way of approach , but no shortcuts for success, expertise by experience .
no option, have to under go hard work.
ill come with more experience.. after some time.
All just Matter of understanding properly what it is. So for that basic n very important thing, keeping own opinion a side and grasp the thing what it is , memorize , practice and render , referring applied theories and your creative ability to build new phrase..
I really blessed to learn from such gurus _/\_
Prasanna sir and P G Venkatesh sir.
(they are the GK venkatesh and Ilayaraja for Me )
My gurus never discourage me for my mistakes, correcting me in very wrong step, understanding my problems why am wrong and illustrating the correct thing according to my IQ level, teaching me in better way and made me realize difference..
most of the friends are my guides every one very patiently clarify my doubts all the time even I aske beyond my understanding capacity...
Thanking all of them in my musical journey ..
Every new understanding is new beginning so I feel to remember all of them.
Music is as easy as you listen, the same way u render this what i understand , how detail you listen u ll render tht way , no perfectionist ll cheat himself , if u do mistake its nothing but u didn't understand it proper.
need to be easy going with it.
Let it acquire you mind heart n soul
Be blessed be blissful:)